Încălzitoare de aer

An air duct heater can be installed into a round duct. It is designed to prevent defrosting mode and so create a slight negative pressure inside. An air duct heater shall be placed in a duct before the unit. Usually a heater of 300 W max. output is used which is absolutely sufficient for preheating.

{DATA.objc}Electric Air Duct Heater, 125/400

Electric Air Duct Heater, 125/400
10871Electric air duct heater, 125/300

Electric air duct heater, 125/300
9215Hot-water air duct heater, 200/1200

for ventilation ducts, 200 mm connection diameter, 1200W power input

Hot-water air duct heater, 200/1200
7988Temperature sensor for air ducts, 0-30°C, IP55

for 1.2 kW el. duct heater

Temperature sensor for air ducts, 0-30°C, IP55