Nursing home, Jihlava


This solar system consists of 64 Regulus KPC flat plate collectors. The collectors form 16 parallel collector arrays with 4 collector each. Solar energy gained is transferred to solar technologies through antifreeze solar liquid in copper piping wrapped in thermal insulation.


Sanitary hot water for 82 apartments in a Jihlava nursing home is being preheated by solar collectors since September 2006.


Total cost was CZK 1 300 000 incl. VAT.

Designed by: Regulus Project Team

  • Bc. Stanislav Němec
  • Ing. Helena Křišíková, Ph.D.
  • Jiří Kalina
  • Project team led by: Vít Chmelař

Installed by: SOLAR NET

Bytový dům Jihlava
Bytový dům Jihlava
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