Block of flats, Milevsko


This solar system consists of 28 Regulus KPS 11 flat plate collectors. The collectors are arranged into 7 parallel collector arrays with 4 collector each. Solar energy gained is transferred to solar technologies through antifreeze solar liquid in copper piping wrapped in AEROFLEX thermal insulation.


The existing domestic hot water system has been retrofitted with a solar system. Before, the incoming cold water was heated from district heating system through an in-house heat exchanger. Now, cold water enters the solar cylinders first and gets preheated depending on the temperature in the solar tanks before entering the existing DHW system. If a higher temperature is needed, either the existing district heating is used or a newly installed electric boiler. The existing district heating is used when its temperature is sufficient, otherwise the electric boiler is switched on.


The total cost was CZK 1 250 000 incl. VAT of which CZK 1 000 000 were covered by Green Savings subsidies.

Designed by: Regulus Project Team

  • Bc. Stanislav Němec
  • Ing. Helena Křišíková, Ph.D.
  • Jiří Kalina
  • Project team led by: Vít Chmelař

Installed by: -----------------

Bytový dům Milevsko
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