Curăţirea şi protejarea sistemelor de încălzire

Every owner expects a long service life of his heating system and its trouble-free operation. However, users are often disappointed how soon their almost new, advanced boiler has problems despite the amount they invested.

These problems are often caused by impurities that may appear even in a new heating system, and calcium-rich heating water that produces scale in a boiler.

The best way of preventing such problems is flushing the heating system after installation, checking the heating water quality and adding protective agents. For continuous filtration and removal of impurities a special cyclone water filter should be installed, fitted with a magnet to intercept even tiny metal particles.

If a boiler heat exchanger or other heating system components are already fouled with impurities or scale, it is usually not necessary to replace the expensive component. Cleaning can be performed using a cleaning pressure pump and special chemicals that helps in cleaning the spots affected and dissolve scale.

After some time of boiler operation, impurities settle down on the fume side of a heat exchanger. This causes heat transfer deteriorate and the boiler operation efficiency sink. Cleaning can be performed using products for cleaning boiler flue gas paths.

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