Design of flat plate solar collector

1. typ vnitřní konstrukceFor Regulus flat plate collectors, two principal types of inner design are used. The first one is a so called harp type, see fig. The antifreeze fluid enters the collector through a horizontal bottom manifold and is divided into individual vertical pipes that are welded directly to the absorber. Then the fluid collects in the upper horizontal collector and leaves the collector through it. These collectors can be connected into series-parallel layout that permits as many as 8 collectors to form one array without increased pressure drop, without the need of a strong circulation pump.

2. typ vnitřní konstrukceThe other design used in flat plate collectors is a so called “double harp” design, see fig. The collector is divided into two hydraulic halves, the fluid flows through one half down to the bottom horizontal collector and from it upwards again, to the collector outlet. Collectors shall be connected in series – outlet from one collector becomes inlet into the next one.
The advantage of this type of connection is that a high temperature difference can be reached between the incoming and outgoing fluid in one collector array. This may be considered an advantage in systems where high temperatures need to be reached promptly. However, a higher outgoing temperature means a slight decrease in efficiency of the collector array. The main disadvantage of this connection in series is a higher pressure drop, that is why only 4 collectors may be connected this way, otherwise a strong circulation pump would have to be included in the system, increasing the power consumption of the solar system. Thanks to the hydraulic distribution inside the collector, this type of collectors may be used for either vertical or horizontal  installation.  

Proper operation of the entire system depends on the right design of number and type of solar collectors and the type and size of a solar cylinder. These components should be designed by an expert with respect to the properties of the building in question. It will be our pleasure to help you for free to design a proper system for your building, just please fill in this Cost Calculation Form..

We are ready to design and supply you a complete solar system consisting of top quality components that are tested and certified, and install it to your building in cooperation with our trained and certified partner companies.

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