Boilere pentru apă caldă

DHW heating is an important part of any application, whether in a detached house or blocks of flats, or even technological facilities or offices. It is always necessary that the storage water heater meets the strictest quality and lifetime criteria and accomodates a sufficient quantity of hot water.

What are storage water heaters?

The wide range of our storage water heaters involves also top quality RGC and R2GC tanks with one or two heating coils and volume of 200 to 400 liters . The inner surface of these tanks is enameled and their design enables to connect a smaller solar system incl. electric backup heating.

For the most popular volume of 300l we prepared a variant with a solar pump station fitted (one- or two-pipe version, integrated solar controller). This solution meets the demand for a simple and space-saving installation.

Storage water heaters with a solar pump station are available either with one heating coil, called RGC 300 SOL, or with two heating coiles, called R2GC 300 SOL. A special type of a storage water heater is the model RGC 120 H, 120 l volume and upwards oriented outlets. This model is intended for a simple and space-saving connection to solid-fuel or gas fired boilers.

Storage water heaters

Storage water heater Storage water heater Storage water heater Storage water heater

Do not underestimate the lifespan of your tank

The lifespan of a storage water heater is very important. Esp. in single-family houses where a storage water heater is often incorporated in a bathroom, any replacement might be problematic and annoying. For this reason we included in our offer also stainless steel storage water heaters with one or two heating coils, denoted as NBC or N2BC respectively, of a 200 or 300 l volume. The tank can be connected to a smaller solar system incl. electric backup heating. These tanks are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel and the scope of supply involves an electronic anode.

A real solar storage water heater

In order to reach the best solar gains, for solar systems for DHW heating it is very important to use tanks of proper size with a sufficient surface area of the solar heat exchanger. All these requirements are met by tall slim standing cylinders marked R0BC, RBC and R2BC. These are high-quality cylinders with double enamel inside . The surface area of the heating coils has been designed for optimum energy transfer from solar collectors.

Storage water heaters can accomodate an electric heating rod of a desired output above the solar heat exchanger. One more heat exchanger or another el. heating element can be installed into the bottom flange.

RBC storage water heaters are fitted with one heating coil , R2BC storage water heaters are fitted with two heating coils . They are supplied in volumes from 200 to 300 liters. There are also R0BC tanks that have no heating coil . Heating shall be done either with electricity, or more frequently via external plate heat exchangers. The latter solution is frequent in large solar applications where the necessary size of the heat exchanger exceeds the size of traditional tube heat exchangers integrated in tanks. R0BC tanks were designed to meet these specific requirements, enabling to connect even several external plate heat exchangers in various thermal levels of the R0BC tank.

It happens quite often that the volume necessary for solar accumulation is even several time bigger than the boiler room may accomodate. Esp. in blocks of flats where the clear height is usually 2.5 m max. while the necessary accumulation volume reaches several thousand liters. Should the a.m. requirements for a solar tank be met, the resulting tank height would reach some 5m, or in some cases even 10 meters.

So it is inevitable to divide the volume in question into several smaller tanks. However, this brings another requirement, namely to supply sufficient amount of water from these tanks, i.e. several thousand liters a day. For this reason the R0BC tanks are fitted with enlarged inlet and outlet ports. For volumes between 200 and 750 l the connection size is G6/4“, for volumes over 1000 l it is even G2“.

Hot water from a heat pump

When DHW is heated by a heat pump , very often a problem appears concerning insufficient heat transfer surface area inside a storage water heater. A heat pump delivers relatively low temeprature and moreover with a low temperature drop. That is why a heat exchanger surface area inside a storage water heater needs to be  as large as several square meters, which applies even to heat pumps of low output (e.g. 7-10 kW).

This problem is completely solved by special storage water heaters of RBC HP line, with upgraded heating coil surface , supplied in volumes from 200 to 1000 l. This type of storage water heater is based on R2BC line, so it is slim and tall again, and can be used also for large solar systems or big boiler rooms ( e.g. in blocks of flats ). It makes it possible to transfer high heating output in a tank’s heating coil (as much as hundreds kW).


All storage water heaters asre supplied with insulation in soft polyurethane with white artificial leather surface. The price of the insulation is already included in the tank price.


A wide range of accessories to storage water heaters is available . E.g. spare magnesium anodes or complete electronic anodes for extended service life of tanks, without any need for anode checks and replacements. Further a vast choice of connection fittings, thermometers, thermostats, pressure gauges, el. heating rods.

DHW thermostatic mixing valves for solar storage water heaters are also available. They are used to limit the temperature of DHW drawn from a tap in order to prevent the risk of scalding.

Accessories to Storage water heaters