EcoEl indoor heat unit

EcoelThis is a sophisticated compact system designed for effective use of a heat pump and other renewable energy sources. The EcoEl compact indoor unit represents an entire boiler room, it is good for space heating and DHW heating as well, and with an intelligent controller it controls the entire heating system, giving preference to the heat pump.
This equipment alone can supply the heat needed for space and water heating using CTC EcoAir Heat Pump and its own heating rods. The last but not least advantage is a trouble-free connection to other energy sources, e.g. solar collectors, hydronic fireplace insert or a wood fired boiler. Its compact build excels in a low heat loss and a very small footprint. It has been designed for the maximum use of heat supplied by a heat pump and its optimum operation.

EcoEl control

A user-friendly intelligent controller with a large display controls the entire heating system incl. DHW. Data from both indoor and outdoor temperature probes and data communication with a heat pump are used for precise control. When needed, electric heating rods are being gradually switched on in small increments. This way comfort heating is ensured without wasting energy. It is obvious that also solar collectors or hydronic fireplace (insert) can be also connected. The controller is also equipped with current sensors for the main circuit breaker and it will reduce the power drawn for heating whenever the total power drawn reaches the set circuit breaker value. Thanks to this fact, the controller will prevent the main circuit breaker tripping, e.g. when an electric kettle, stove or a well pump starts, however, this short heating interruption will not affect your thermal comfort in any way. This function enables using EcoAir-EcoEl for heating even in houses with a low-sized main fuse.