Electronic anode rod for RxBC (HP) 300-500, R2DC 300 Tanks

măreşte imagine: Electronic anode rod for RxBC (HP) 300-500, R2DC 300 Tanks
Complete kit for installation into R0BC 300-500, RBC 300-500, R2BC 300-500, RBC 300 HP - RBC 500 HP, R2DC 300 Storage Water Heaters involves a 350/150 anode rod, nipple, bolt, gasket, washer.
Code: 9174
Marking: REG-9174
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Package: box
Package dimensions : 7 x 82 x 6 cm
Packing weight : 0.75 kg
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Parameters and specification

  • Anode rod length: 500 mm
  • Intended for: RBC 300, 400, 500; R2BC 300, 400, 500

Item description:

Aces generates a weak direct current that keeps an optimum potential between its titanium electrode and the heater‘s mantle. This way the heater is protected against possible corrosion. The appliance continuously measures the value of this potential and modifies it immediately when needed and keeps it on an optimum level. It does not wear off, needs no maintenance and extends the lifetime of storage water heaters.