Fresh water station, with recirculation

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with FWC3 controller, with recirculation, 3/4“ M connection, thermoinsulating case, stainless steel plate heat exchanger, Wilo circulation pump with controlled flow 12-100% to keep the preset outgoing temperature, flow rate 2-40 l/min. (output up to 98 kW).
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Marking: POV-1C
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Package dimensions : 43 x 24 x 62 cm
Packing weight : 20 kg
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Item description:

The pump station involves:

  • FWC Controller

    Regulátro FWC

    FWC33 Controller

  • Thermoinsulating case
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • Wilo circulation pump with controlled flow 12-100%
  • VFS flowmeter (Grundfos direct sensor) 2 -40 l/min
  • Wilo circulation pump
  • Well-arranged graphic menu on a backlit display
  • Measured values clearly displayed
  • System monitoring and behavior analysis, also in graphic mode
  • Vast menu with interactive item description
  • Menu section can be locked as a protection against unintentional changes

The main working parameters of this pump station are listed in the following table (data are valid for incoming cold water of 10°C):

tabulka hodnot