Installation in Hradeštín, 2011


Heat loss of the building 5.6 kW
Number of inhabitants 4


A solar system for DHW, backup and pool heating was installed in spring 2011..


The solar system designed for a Hradešín house consists of five KPG1 flat plate solar collectors mounted on its flat roof. The system is used for DHW and backup heating, and also for summer pool heating. A 12 kW Romotop hydronic fireplace insert works as an  auxiliary heat source in this system, together with a 6 kW el. heating rod. This is an advanced combination of two renewable energy sources, controlled by an integrated IR09 KTPSOL  controller.

Designed and worked out by: Ing Pavel Buňát (Regulus)
Installed by: Montplast (Zdeněk Mazák)

Solární systém s kolektory KPG
Solární systém s kolektory KPG
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