KPI1 Solar Collector

măreşte imagine: KPI1 Solar Collector
dimensions 2061x1225x107 mm, aperture area 2.32 sqm, 2x Cu22 connection, fluid volume 1.7 l
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Marking: KPI1 DC
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Package dimensions : 123 x 206 x 11 cm
Packing weight : 50 kg
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Parameters and specification

  • Dimensions W x L x H: 1225 × 2061 × 107 mm
  • Total area: 2.52 m2
  • Aperture area: 2.33 m2
  • Connection dimensions: 2× pipe Cu22
  • Absorber: copper - aluminum / double harp
  • Absorber surface finish: Eta Plus
  • Insulation thickness: 50 mm
  • Max. working pressure: 6 bar
  • Fluid volume: 1.7 l
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Glazing: clear solar glass


Item description:

The collector frame is made of wood, a special kit shall be used for installation that contains all necessary elements for fixing, connection and roof flashing.

  • Special collector for in-roof installation
  • Collectors are fully integrated into the roof
  • Aluminum absorber with highly selective Eta plus surface, joined with the copper pipes by the latest laser welding method
  • Double harp absorber enables simple interconnection – collectors are connected in series through their top outlets
  • Two collectors can be installed tightly above each other using special mounting modules
  • Vertical installation