Panou solar KTU 9R2

măreşte imagine: Panou solar KTU 9R2
Code: 7342
Package dimensions : cm
Packing weight : kg
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Parameters and specification

  • Total area: 2.66 m2
  • Aperture area: 2.15 m2
  • Dimensions W x L x H: 1430 x 1970 x 141
  • Connection dimensions: 4x Cu pipe 22
  • Max. working pressure: 6 bar
  • Fluid volume: 1.37 l
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Number of tubes: 9


Item description:

Vacuum insulation in glass tubes. Two concentric glass tubes are used, with vacuum between them. The ends of the tubes are sealed so the vacuum is guaranteed for a long time. Vacuum surrounding the absorber is a perfect insulation, minimizing heat losses in a similar way like a vacuum flask does. Thanks to that, nor the tiniest heat gain from cloudy skies gets lost and warms up the fluid in the solar collector.