Panouri cu tuburi vidate

Evacuated tube solar collectors are suitable esp. for use in solar systems designed for heating support and DHW heating. Since their absorption layer is protected with vacuum, these collectors excel in a very low heat loss and unlike flat plate solar collectors, their efficiency does not drop under low outdoor temperatures and little sunshine. Solar collectors are mounted using a fixing and interconnection kit and connected using a connection kit. These kits are type-specific. A collector array is usually fixed onto a roof using standardized roof anchors and brackets that are suitable for most types of roofing. Specific technical data – dimensions, efficiency curves, efficiency coefficients and other parameters – are available in the specific collector section and in the Download section.

7126KTU 10 Solar Collector

10 U-tubes, 1970x920x141 mm, aperture area 0.93 sqm, 4x Cu22 connections, fluid volume 1.7 l

KTU 10 Solar Collector
7127KTU 15 Solar Collector

15 U-tubes, 197 x 143 x 14 cm, aperture area 1.41 sqm, 4x Cu22 connections, fluid volume 2.4 l

KTU 15 Solar Collector
7343KTU 6R2 Solar Collector

6 U-tubes, reflection sheet, 1970x920x141 mm, aperture area 1.43 sqm, 4x Cu22 connections, 0.92 l

KTU 6R2 Solar Collector
7342KTU 9R2 Solar Collector

9 U-tubes, reflection sheet, 1970x1350x141 mm, aperture area 2.15 sqm, 4x Cu22 conn., 1.37 l

KTU 9R2 Solar Collector
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