Panouri solare plane

Flat plate solar collectors are suitable for use in solar systems designed for DHW/pool heating and space heating support. Thanks to their simple design, their price is lower than that of evacuated-tube collectors. However, their efficiency is lower, esp. under low outdoor temperature and little sunshine. Solar collectors are mounted using a fixing and interconnection kit and connected using a connection kit. These kits are type-specific. A collector array is usually fixed onto a roof using standardized roof anchors and brackets that are suitable for most types of roofing. Specific technical data – dimensions, efficiency curves, efficiency coefficients and other parameters – are available in the specific collector section and in the Download section.

{DATA.objc}KPC1+ Solar Collector, 203x103 cm

KPC1+ Solar Collector, 203x103 cm
10336KPG1 Flat Plate Solar Collector

dimensions 2151x1170x84 mm, aperture area 2.39 sqm, 4x Cu22 connections, fluid volume 1.7 l, ...

KPG1 Flat Plate Solar Collector
11237KPI1 Solar Collector

dimensions 2061x1225x107 mm, aperture area 2.32 sqm, 2x Cu22 connection, fluid volume 1.7 l

KPI1 Solar Collector
{DATA.objc}KPG1H Solar Collector

KPG1H Solar Collector
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