Preparate pentru curăţirea cazanelor

After some time of boiler operation, impurities settle down on the fume side of a heat exchanger. This causes heat transfer deteriorate and the boiler operation efficiency sink. Cleaning can be performed using products for cleaning boiler flue gas paths.

1368Baghetă EC-MIX

Non-toxic powdered product designed for easy cleaning of oil boilers. Inserting into the ...

Baghetă EC-MIX
1977Metano Therm spray

This product through a chemical reaction removes sediments from surface of heating units in places ...

Metano Therm spray
424Metano Therm lichid

Metano Therm lichid
428Zincol spray

Used for cold zinc-plating. Thanks to its high zinc content (95%), the surface can be sprayed ...

Zincol spray
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