Solar Systems

for water heating, space support heating or pool heating using free solar energy.

Heat Pumps

will help you pay for less energy than consumed, due to the use of energy from the ambient air or ground.


Heat Recovery Ventilation

offers ventilated rooms with just little energy losses.

Hydronic Fireplace Inserts and Stoves

Flames of burning wood will bring cozy atmosphere to your living room. And the heat transferred into water helps to heat your entire house.


Accumulation Tanks

keep the energy for heating.

Accumulation Tanks with DHW heating

keep the energy for heating and DHW as well.


Storage Water Heaters

are designed to heat and store sufficient quantity of hot water.

Solar Pump Stations

represent the heart of any solar system, facilitating solar heat transfer from solar collectors to a solar tank..


Pump Stations for Boilers

improve combustion in solid fuel boilers, helping extend their service life.

Flue Pipes

for exhaust of flue gas from boilers incl. condensing ones.


Flexible Pipes and Hoses

for easy connecting water and gas.

Expansion Vessels

compensate for fluid volume changes caused by its temperature changes and keep the system pressure within the necessary limits.


Electric Heating Rods

are intended to heat DHW or heating system fluid.

Heat Exchangers

are used for heat transfer between different heat carriers.


Circulation Pumps

ensure circulation of heat transfer fluids in various systems.

Room Thermostats

control heating with respect to the temperature in the room where they are installed.



Aluminum sectional radiators for the warmth of your home.

Heating Controllers

are designed to control efficient use of advanced heat sources like solar systems, heat pumps, hydronic fireplace inserts and conventional boilers, and their combinations.


Zone and Mixing Valves

facilitate energy efficient, automatic and comfort heating.

Thermometers and Pressure Gauges

for measuring fluid temperatures and pressures.


Thermostatic Valves

offer completely powerless operation based on the heating water temperature, protecting and regulating solid fuel boilers simply and reliably.


are designed to switch electric circuits depending on the sensed temperature.


Valves for Heating

Safety valves, pressure reducing valves, drain valves, air release valves.

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