Grupuri de pompare pentru sistemele de încălzire

What are pump stations?

Pump stations are designed for an easy and fast installation with regard to the little space they require and their elegant appearance. They already contain principal components necessary foer any heating system, e.g. a circulation pump , shut-off valves , thermometers , thermostatic or electric control valves etc. All these components are well arranged in thermal insulation. Deciding for a pump station will save your installer’s time and your money as well.

Pump stations for heating systems

The flexible system of pump stations and manifolds makes it possible to form component kits for various heating systems and heat sources. Floor or wall heating can be connected, also traditional radiators or DHW heater. The heat source can be anything from a heat pump over a gas/electric boiler to a solid fuel boiler. The heat source can operate with or without an accumulation tank.

Schematic layout diagram with pump station

HV-SG type manifolds enable connecting a safety assembly (safety and air release valves and a pressure gauge, insulated) plus an expansion vessel or a drain valve.

Pump stations for instantaneous water heating

A DHW pump station is intended for troublefree and comfort heating of domestic water , keeping the outgoing water temperature within strict limits. This manner of DHW heating eliminates completely any problems with Legionella bacteria and moreover excels at extremely low heat loss. The installation is easy and requires almost no space .

Tankless water heater

Thermovar pump stations

In Thermovar LK 810 pump station, return water from a heating system (or accumulation tank) is mixed with boiler flow water which ensures the preset  minimum temperature of the return water be maintained (55 °C, 65 °C, 70 °C - model dependant). The boiler then works with better efficiency while heat transfer surface clogging and aggressive condensate formation is reduced. This extends the service life of the boiler substantially. The higher the return line temperature, the lower the risk of condensate formation.

Thermovar pump station

Regulus CS pump stations

Regulus CS pump stations facilitate solid fuel boiler installation since they contain all important components necessary for boiler protection and proper operation in both DHW and space heating. They are intended to be mounted directly on a boiler flow pipe or a wall.

CS pump station

{DATA.objc}M2 Yonos Pump Station

M2 Yonos Pump Station
{DATA.objc}M2 UPM3 Pump Station

M2 UPM3 Pump Station
{DATA.objc}M2 MIX 3 UPM3 Pump Station

M2 MIX 3 UPM3 Pump Station
{DATA.objc}M2 MIX 3 Pump Station

M2 MIX 3 Pump Station
{DATA.objc}M2 MIX 3 Yonos 24V Pump Station

M2 MIX 3 Yonos 24V Pump Station
{DATA.objc}M2 MIX 3 Yonos FIX Pump Station

M2 MIX 3 Yonos FIX Pump Station
11900Suport de perete pentru grupurile de pompare M2 si M3

Suport de perete pentru grupurile de pompare M2 si M3
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