R2BC 3000 Hot Water Storage Tank

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2 heat exchangers, insulation included, enamelled, diam. 1400 mm, 2980 mm high
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Package dimensions : 140 x 298 x 140 cm
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Parameters and specification

  • Type: R2BC 3000
  • Height: 2980 mm
  • Diameter without insulation: 1200 mm
  • S1 heating coil surface area: 5,2 m2
  • S2 heating coil surface area: 3,8 m2

Item description:

R2BC 3000 tank with two enameled coils, ready to accommodate an el. heating rod, equipped with a magnesium anode rod.

  • Max. working pressure 10 bar
  • Max. working temperature 95 °C

Tank inner surface is enameled in compliance with DIN 4753.

R2BC tank is supplied with hard PUR insulation 70 mm thick. Insulation can be removed, e.g. for passing through a narrow door.