RBC 200HP Hot Water Storage Tank

măreşte imagine: RBC 200HP Hot Water Storage Tank
with 1 upsized tube heat exchanger – 3 sqm surface area, 610 mm diam., 1265 mm high
Code: 10534
Marking: RBC 200 HP
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Package: pallet
Package dimensions : 70 x 140 x 65 cm
Packing weight : 118 kg
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Parameters and specification

  • Type: RBC 200 HP
  • Height: 1265 mm
  • Tank diameter: 500 mm
  • Heating coil surface area: 3 m2

Item description:

Tank inner surface enameled in compliance with DIN 4753.

Tank is fitted with a magnesium anode rod. It can also accommodate an electric heating rod.

RBC 200 HP tank is supplied with hard PUR insulation 50 mm thick with white PVC surface. Insulation can be removed, e.g. for passing through a narrow door.