Rezervoare de acumulare cu încălzirea apei

What are accumulation tanks with DHW heating?

Recently, demands for combination of various sources are frequent, e.g. solar systems, solid fuel (or biomass) boilers, electric heating etc. A combi accumulation tank with DHW becomes a technology center where all these sources are concentrated , supplying heat energy for both space and DHW heating .

Individual sources should be connected in a logic sequence depending on the demands from individual sources with respect to their efficiency and control possibilities. These installations shall be done by specialists experienced in combining different sources. Our team of trained technicians and experts is ready to design for you an optimum system based on your requirements. We offer a wide range of proven solutions.

Accumulation tanks with DHW

From the simplest solution to the maximum savings

We offer combi accumulation tanks from the simplest ones with immersed DHW tank in volumes from 380 to 1500 l , from DUO-E tanks with one solar heat exchanger or DUO-E2 with two solar heat exchangers, over HSK tanks with two heat exchangers for solar systems with continuous water heating and thermal layering, to a sofisticated solution using latent heat , LATENTO tanks.

A progressive solution using HSK or LATENTO tanks together with a proper layout and control design can ensure maximum possible savings both in space- and DHW heating, or others (pools, wellness etc.).

Schematic layout diagram

Schematic layout diagram – combi accumulation tank


For all accumulation tanks , high quality insulation in soft polyurethane is offered with outer PU leather layer.


A wide choice of accessories for accumulation tanks is available , e.g. connection fittings for sources, heating and DHW pipes, thermometers, pressure gauges, magnesium anodes, electronic anodes, thermostatic mixing valves as scalding prevention etc.