S2 SRS3 Solar Pump Station

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Twin-pipe pump station with air separator, integrated SRS3 controller for 2 solar cylinders or 2 collector fields, with 3 sensors included, with ST 25/6 pump, 2-12 l/min, 3/4" M

Code: 8911
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Parameters and specification

  • Solar controller: SRS3
  • Pump: WILO ST

Item description:


  •  Wilo ST 25/6 180 – 6/4“ circulation pump
  • Pressure gauge, thermometers for flow and return pipes
  • 6 bar solar safety valve
  • Filling and drain valves
  • Shut-off valve, solar check valve
  • Air eliminator
  • Flowmeter with flow control
  • Expansion tank outlet

Two-part thermoinsulation case. A special steel back plate for a quick and firm installation on a wall or a solar cylinder.

PN 10. Max. working temperature 120 °C (short-term 160 °C for 20 sec.) Pitch 125 mm