Sentinel Kinetic B Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit

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Max. airflow rate 275 m3/h, for a single-family house of up to 200 sqm living area
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Parameters and specification

  • Low noise level
  • Wide programming possibility
  • Efficiency about 92 %
  • Removable filters
  • Max. performance 270 m3/hr

Item description:

Sentinel Kinetic B - is the most often designed unit for one-family houses. Its maximum ventilation performance is 270 m3/hr. This volume is enough for a house with living space about 200 m2. The unit has an integrated bypass for summer operation. The bypass is used to pass air by the heat exchanger in a hot summer when the building needs to be cooled directly by outside air during the night. Different intensity of ventilation for different times of day can be set. The unit can be installed on a wall in a boiler room or on a floor in a attic space. The unit can be equipped with a room unit connected with cable, should  the unit be installed in an inaccessible place. The unit includes air filters, filter class G3 (fine dust). Filters in the unit are easily replaceable. The wiring board allows connection of external control elements such as humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, light sensor that allow increasing the unit performance by a light switch placed in a lavatory.

Rozměry Sentinel Kinetic B

Sentinel Kinetic B

Due to the high efficiency of the unit,  its heat exchanger may suffer from icing in extremely cold periods. Therefore, the unit is equipped with an automatic defrost function. When defrosting, there is a slight negative pressure for a short time. This can be avoided by installation of an air heater into the inlet ducting - see air heaters

The great advantage of this unit is its small size and a very low noise level.

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