Ventilare cu recuperarea căldurii

What is heat recovery ventilation?

A heat recovery ventilation unit is designed for optimum air exchange in a building with minimum heat loss from ventilation . Thermal loss caused by ventilation in current family houses ventilated by micro-ventilation or semi-opened windows makes up to 40% of the total heat loss of a building.

Heat recovery ventilation

What is heat recovery ventilation good for?

Recent low-energy and passive houses cannot do any more without heat recovery ventilation . Increasing tightness of a mantle and other construction elements of a building will lead to insufficient air exchange and problems with damp air, mold and germs like mite which may be causing health problem to the inhabitants.

These problems cease when a ventilation system is installed. The building is ventilated mechanically also at times when nobody is present , then with lower ventilation intensity.

A heat exchanger has become a crucial component in recent Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems . It transfers heat from outgoing stale warm air to incoming fresh cold air.

However, it shall be noted that this is no heating appliance, just a ventilation unit ensuring the necessary air exchange. For this reason the building in question shall be equipped with an independent heating system and a heat source. HRV systems for detached houses require neither a detailed design nor complicated calculations .


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